RD Gateway

Secure connections and authentication.

Version 1.1.812.0  •   •   •  Changelog
Version 1.1.812.0  •   •   •  Changelog

Video Tutorials

To guide you through the installation or configuration
of RD Gateway you can go through the user manual you
can simply watch our tutorials on Youtube or below:

Part 1: Installation

Part 2: Connect to instance

Part 3: Application Window

Part 4: Create a self-signed certificate

Part 5: Download and import certificate on client-side

Part 6: How to setup your Remote Desktop Client

Part 7: Live Monitoring

Secure RDP connections over HTTPS.

Windows • 

Download RD Gateway for Windows. Windows 7/Server 2008 R2 or later is supported.

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Installation instruction for Windows
Watch Tutorials On YouTube


Download RD Gateway for Linux. Initial support for Debian and Ubuntu (64-Bit) has been added with the V. 1.0.518!

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Installation instruction for Linux

RD WebServices Manager

Standalone version of the Windows Managment GUI.

For Linux refer to the documentation.

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Installation instruction

Multi-platform client

Connect to internal network resources securely from outside the corporate firewall. Thincast Client has built-in support for RD Gateway.

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Learn more about Thincast Client

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