A free Remote Desktop Client
for Linux, macOS and Windows.

Version 1.1.532  •   •   •  Changelog
Version 1.1.532  •   •   •  Changelog

RD WebServices

RD WebServices is a collection of tools containing following products: RD AdvancedSecurity (Add-on), RD Gateway and RD WebAccess.

Essentially, the functionality of our RD Gateway and RD WebAccess products is the same as Microsoft's Remote Desktop Roles of the same name but are not limited to Windows only.

One client.
All platforms.

Thincast Client turns your computer into a fully featured Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Client, making it easy to connect remotely to your company's infrastructure.

Using the Remote Desktop (RD) WebAccess Client you gain easy access to and control of published virtual machines (with Thincast Workstation), desktop sessions and applications.

Remote Desktop

RD WebServices allows you to manage your virtual infrastructure remotely. You can access, start and stop the virtual machines on your host from anywhere. Securing connections and authenticating users is handled by our RD Gateway service.

Desktop virtualization
made easy.

Our revolutionary software solutions enable seamless delivery of high performance, 3D hardware accelerated virtual desktops and applications to any device over any connection, using industry standards like H.264 and the de-facto standard Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

We offer expertise
in the following areas.


Software Development

We develop digital products with focus on IT Security around the remote desktop protocol with matchless engineering expertise and over 20 years of experience.


Open Source

FreeRDP is the leading, most up-to-date open source implementation of the RDP protocol suite. As of today, we are the main contributor to FreeRDP project and other some open source projects.



Our Virtual 3D technology is capable of delivering fluid graphics for remote gaming and 3D Applications, as well as high-performance computing for high-end virtualized Windows workstations.

Download our technology demonstrator and learn how.

Tech & Consulting

Our experts help our clients to take the right decisions regarding their tech stacks and designs to ensure future-proof products.

Unleash the full
power of your GPU.

Thincast Virtual 3D is capable of delivering fluid graphics for remote gaming,
as well as high-performance computing for virtualized Windows workstations.

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One client.
All platforms.

Thincast Client is a multi-platform RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) Client for Linux, macOS and Windows.

It offers features like built-in support for redirecting biometric devices, webcams, remote apps, regular security updates, smartcards and hardware-accelerated video decoding to extend the battery life of your device, ideal when working on the go.

On Linux, it is available in the Snap or Flatpak store.



Add an extra layer of security for your users with Thincast Authenticator available for Android and iOS. The first factor is the user's password and the second is provided via our mobile Thincast Authenticator.

Think security first.
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